12320, best friend of healthy life

Under the leadership of Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention ,12320 health hotline(hereinafter short for 12320) make a remarkable result since 2005.The achievements are attributed to focusing on service system construction and catering as an aim for promoting the public's health and servicing health service,as an momentum on medical reform in China,as a core of having institutional improvement and management as a measure of innovative mechanisms,as an safeguard for team capacity building as an principle of pilot first and steady progress.

1.Expanding the Service Contents Constantly
①.Consulting(including health knowledge and skill,laws,regulations and policy information of health,important health activities,inquiring the information of hospitals and medicine,psychological assistance,smoking quit line,etc.)
②.Complaining and Reporting(including public heahth emergencies,modical and health services,health morals,illegal medical practice,etc.)
③.Suggestion(health policy,health status)
④.Hospital Reservation(by telephone,website and mobile phone,etc.)
⑤.Public Opinion Monitoring and Risk Communication during Emergent Events of Public Health
⑥.Telephone Survey(such as patents'satisfaction)

2.Broaden the Service Mode Continually
Adaptation of populations with different levels of service required, 12320 is trying to set up telephone,voice,website,SMS,micro blog,cell phone and self-service terminals for the integrated service platform.

3.Strengthening the Capacity Building Ceaselessly
①.Research on overseas health hotline information retrieval and the development
②.Public oriented information resource construction
③.Research on SMS effectiveness assessment based on 12320 health hotline
④.Research on effectiveness evaluation of the risk communication of micro-blog based on 12320 health hotline in pilot areas
⑤.Developing the construction standard for 12320 call center
⑥.Developing the 12320 data platform system

4.Continuous Improving Public Health Emergency Response Mechanism
During public health emergencies and important health activities in the past,such as health guarantee of 2008 Olympic Games,Sanlu milk powder incident,Influenza A (H1N1),Measles SIAs and Polio in Xinjiang province,12320 health hotline plays an irreplaceable important role in the public risk communication and public opinion monitoring in the way of formulating the consulting guidelines according to public concern,gathering around data information from each provincial 12320 centers to work out the health public opinion monitoring daily report and providing the basic data for relevant department of health adminstration for making or adjusting the policies.

5.Hotline Accepts the Rising Number of Counseling
3.45 million public calls were accepted by 12320 health hotline from 2009 to 2012, including 2.66 million counseling, 0.74 million appointments for doctors, 43 hundred complaints, 1.41 hundred reports. Half of the complaints were delt with by 12320 counsellors’ explanation and pacification and the others were transferd to the related health departments to be verified and coped with. The number of calls were 1.29 million in 2012, which increased a lot compared with 2011 with 87.6%.